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Welcome to the new website for Church Home Group Resources. We are grateful to Nick and Simon for all their hard work, and we hope this will bring an increasing amount of interesting and challenging material into the hands of hard-pressed Home and Study Group leaders.

Sales of Out of the Shadows have been encouraging, and we are grateful to the Baptist Times and the Church of England Newspaper for being the first to agree to take the adverts.

It was a bit disheartening finding out that some publishers and church leaders would not even talk to us about the manuscript, but we have had some really thoughtful comments coming back to us from those who have now bought it and read it. If you use it in your Home Group, could you give us some feedback?

I am particularly interested in a publication first published in 2012 for Hurford Salvi Carr which I have found immensely useful in my crusading work in the field of residential property and more specifically in the enormous (but little known) experiences of leaseholders who have been suffering in the hands of disreputable landlord/freeholders. "Help! They want me to be a director" is a publication which should be widely distributed, and we would be delighted to sponsor a second edition.
Perhaps I should be contacting the copyright holders HSCPM ...but I was intrigued by the association between your two organisations (if any ?)

Founder "Leaseholder Alliance UK"
{in formation)

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