Go for it! -
Graham Ingram

Graham Ingram has his roots firmly in the evangelical tradition. He has been a missionary, pastor and church planter in three continents, and some of the churches have grown to a considerable size. His ministry has been particularly with students and young people, within a variety of cultures, church groups and denominations. Always open to fresh challenges, in 1994 he went to work among the Gay communities of California. He still sees that as part of his ministry.

In a review of Graham Ingram’s first book, Out of the Shadows, Anglican Bishop David Russell, a consultant to Inclusive and Affirming Ministries, wrote in the Cape Times in April 2010:

“This is an important book by a deeply committed Christian – a special and totally genuine person. There is no doubt fellow Christians, particularly those in the evangelical and charismatic traditions, will be touched and helped by reading it. It is not a question of finding clear and decided answers. It is a matter of getting more real before God and ourselves, and each other, about gay issues.”

In this second book, Graham Ingram writes about his ministry in the UK, America and Africa. He tells his story to emphasise how important it is to listen to God, hear God and obey God, stepping out in faith, whatever it costs. “There are moments when God speaks to all of us in very definite and specific ways,” he writes, “and how we respond to those moments can determine our direction for the rest of our lives.”

When did you last do something 'risky' in your Christian life?

“We were made for adventure, made for discovery,” says the author. “Life is meant to be an adventure, an adventure with God….. It is tackling it half-heartedly that brings discouragement and disappointment – so Go For It!

For more than forty years Graham Ingram has been an internationally respected Bible Teacher and Preacher, and now lives in Cape Town.

Graham Ingram was my pastor in the early 80's; I also spent some time with him earlier this year and would like to contact him again.
If possible, would you be willing to pass my my email address on to Graham?
Thank you,
Graham Mitchell (gmitchell@nr.edu)

I would like to contact Graham directly, would it be possible to give me his email address. Mine is sss@jilinstitute.org My cell No is 081 887 8885
Be blessed.

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