The Pilgrim's Progress -
John Bunyan with colouring by Jim Thornton

Have you actually read the whole of Pilgrim’s Progress?

Me neither.

Why don’t we?
Huckleberry Finn said: “The statements was interesting, but tough.” But most people have to get past the 17th Century language before they can even begin to make such an assessment.

So why has this book had such an impact?
For 300 years Bunyan’s concept of life as a journey from ‘this world to that which is to come’ has resonated with people searching for faith, or wanting to live as disciples of Jesus.

Christian the Pilgrim, Vanity Fair, Giant Despair, Doubting Castle, the Slough of Despond, the Celestial City – all these and others have passed into English language and culture.

Throughout this 21st Century version the words in italics are Bunyan’s original text. You can see that we are sticking faithfully to the script, but we need Bunyan at times to say things in his own way.

So has this old book anything to say to us today?
Why not tag along and find out? In four places we stop for a Coffee Break, and there are some questions that a Home Group might like to discuss. There are no pictures: the colouring is to help the imagination, as Bunyan’s landscape is a bit grey. But interesting.

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