Voices of Rwanda -
Geoffrey Daintree, Jorj Kowszun & Jim Thornton

Geoffrey Daintree, one of the authors of this study, is Canon of the Cathedral of Cyangugu and has worked with the people and the Church in Rwanda. For these studies and for his own work on the theology of forgiveness Geoffrey has interviewed many of the people he knows and has worked with in Rwanda to hear their stories. Through his encounter with a wide range of Rwandan voices we have tried to provide insights into what it might mean to be “salt and light” as Christians in the United Kingdom in the 21st Century.

Rwanda is the most densely populated country in Africa (290 residents per sq. km). Prior to 1994, Hutus made up 90% and Tutsis up to 10% of the population. In 2002, following the genocide and return of former exiles and refugees, Hutus made up 84% and Tutsis 15% of the population.

Nowhere in Africa has Christianity had a more decisive impact than in Rwanda. More than 90% of Rwanda’s people are baptised Christians. 56% of the population are Roman Catholic, 26% Protestant, 11% are Adventist, 5% Muslim and less than 1% Animist.

In 2001 the House of Bishops in Rwanda determined that God was leading them to establish an Anglican Theological College in the country. At a consultation meeting between CMS and the House of Bishops Canon Geoffrey Daintree was commissioned to raise funds for this project.

If you would like to make a contribution to the Project, then cheques made payable to the Lawrence Barham memorial Trust (Charity Number 291459) can be sent to Cano Geoffrey Daintree, St John’s Vicarage, 9 Buxton Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN20 7LL.

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