At any good Christian Bookshop you can browse through a range of Bible Study books for home groups. The problem for Christian Publishers is that they have to sell a reasonable number in order to make it worth their while. This means that much of the material is written for as wide an audience as possible, and it is not so easy to find material for groups who want something a bit more challenging.

When we started, the problem was not so much the cost of printing, but the distribution. How do we get our material into the hands of those who would like to use it? In the early days, STL were very helpful with advice, but our 'catalogue' is too small for a mainstream distributor. All this has changed with the internet, and it is now much easier to produce more specialist material, and sell it through Amazon or directly through your own website.

We have been learning the hard way, but we are keen to help other authors publish and distribute good study material for Church Home Groups: do you have a manuscript that other Home or Study Groups would find helpful? E-mail us on or phone Jim Thornton on 01992 515576.

You will see that we do two types of 'publication': there are the open access materials on particular issues we post up, and these are listed at the bottom of the Home Page. You are most welcome to down load these, photocopy them, and use them in your group. Then there are the printed publications, for which we have to ask payment, but we have posted here sample chapters so you can get a flavour of the rest.

Our next project is a set of studies on Suburban Discipleship. What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus, in the comfortable surroundings of the suburbs, with good housing, good education and medical care, a good pension to look forward to ..... and perhaps a cottage in Provence, skiing every year, two cars, and money in a high interest account in an Icelandic Bank? We are using Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress as our base material, and while sticking precisely to the content, we have added some colour, removed the duplications, and generally made it a bit more readable for busy people. Publication hopefully 2009.

Have you read the whole of Pilgrim’s Progress? Most have to get past the 17th Century language before they can begin to think about what it says. In this version, Bunyan’s original is in italics and we have added some colour to his flat characters. There are also Coffee Breaks with questions for Home Group discussion.
Politics is key in making the world better. If you can't support a major party, why not run for election Independently? Jim, an Executive of the Independent Network, spent 8yrs as an East Herts Councillor. Here he tells you how to campaign and what to expect if elected.
Graham Ingram’s first book Out of the Shadows addressed the pastoral issues that sometimes get overlooked in the debates on gay issues. In this book he writes about his own experiences, and challenges the next generation to boldly go in faith when called by a trust worthy God.
A book with three group studies on gay issues. Bible teacher and pastor Graham Ingram is a gay but celibate conservative evangelical christian, and he shares pastoral insights and the lessons he has learned from gay churches, the gay community and spirit-filled gay christians.
A collection of seven Group Bible Studies to help you work out how to put your Christian Faith into practice in the workplace: Objectives, Ambition, Truthfulness, Failure, Lifestyle, Priorities, Evangelism.